4 head coach/general manager partnerships the Commanders must consider in 2024

The Commanders must find the right balance with their hires this offseason.
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Which head coach/general manager partnerships should the Washington Commanders consider during a critical upcoming cycle for the franchise?

Just two games remain before the Washington Commanders begin making significant changes to their staffing infrastructure. Ron Rivera has been a lame-duck head coach for almost the entire campaign. It's also becoming increasingly likely that Josh Harris' ownership group will relieve general manager Martin Mayhew of his duties in a little over a fortnight.

This is almost essential if the Commanders want to form a clear, sustainable plan for the future. This storied franchise has languished among the league's bottom-feeders for too long. Now that Harris' group has assessed everything across the organization and what more is needed, expect the actions to be swift and decisive in equal measure.

Which direction the Commanders will go is the big question. They could focus on individual candidates and their strengths. They could also appoint a duo with an already existing connection to enhance Washington's chances of hitting the ground running.

With this in mind, here are four head coach/general manager partnerships the Commanders must consider in 2024.

Commanders could look to the Chiefs

  • Head Coach: Eric Bieniemy
  • General Manager: Mike Borgonzi

Not giving Eric Bieniemy a chance to prove himself as the interim head coach might jeopardize his hopes of getting the Washington Commanders top job during the upcoming cycle. It cannot be completely dismissed, but the scenario does appear unlikely as things stand right now.

If the Commanders do seriously consider Bieniemy for a long-awaited promotion, then hiring Mike Borgonzi as general manager could be an option. The front office figure has played a leading role behind the scenes with the Kansas City Chiefs. He's also got a previous working relationship with the play-caller that resulted in two Super Bowls before he made the switch to Washington.

Unlikely? Yes. But nothing should or will be off the table as the Commanders finally look to get progressive minds and capable roster builders in key positions of power.