4 grave offseason errors the Commanders must avoid in 2024

Dan Quinn and Adam Peters must avoid these four offseason errors.

Adam Peters
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What offseason errors must the Washington Commanders avoid in pursuit of hitting the ground running under their new regime?

A new head coach and general manager mean a new day for the Washington Commanders, but Dan Quinn and Adam Peters can't waste the opportunity. Their rebuilding program has to involve going all in on solving the quarterback problem.

That'll likely mean trading for the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft will be discussed. Before then, Peters and Quinn should pay up to finally fix the offensive line, as well as use the franchise tag wisely.

Hopes are high with so many assets to utilize. But here are four grave offseason errors the Commanders must avoid under their new power couple.

Commanders cannot settle in QB race

Settling again and hoping for the best at the quarterback position is an error this Washington Commanders regime cannot afford to make. Instead, Dan Quinn and Adam Peters must go all in to acquire a true franchise quarterback. Even if it means trading up to select Caleb Wiliams.

Obtaining the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft from the Chicago Bears won't come cheap. Yet, giving up their own players and draft capital will be worth it for the Commanders if it puts them in sight of Williams.

The latter spent 2023 playing for new Commanders' offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury at USC. He knows Williams is an exceptional athlete, one capable of throws not many at his position can make.

Throws like this one highlighted by ESPN's Matt Bowen:

Making the splash move for Williams - whether it ultimately works out or not - is necessary for the Commanders. It would show the franchise is finally serious about getting it right at quarterback following a decade of half measures.

Most of those half-measures flopped in the last few years. Taylor Heinicke, Carson Wentz, and Sam Howell were all thrown to the wolves. Looking beyond Williams would be another half measure when Drake Maye's stock could fall and Jayden Daniels represents a reach.

Drafting Williams would put a face on this rebuild and show the Commanders are no longer willing to settle at football's most important position.

Whoever gets to play quarterback must be protected by better talent up front.