4 free agents the Commanders were wise to avoid in 2024

The Commanders were wise with their money this year...

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Commanders were right to avoid Kirk Cousins

The Washington Commanders have to solve their complex quarterback riddle this offseason. Adam Peters kept all options open heading into free agency. While going down the draft route always seemed likely, speculation about a potential return for Kirk Cousins was also touted by some media outlets.

Peters is running a tight ship with very few leaks. This means there are guessing games aplenty regarding potential incomings and decisions. That's exactly how the general manager likes it, but Cousins was never a realistic option looking at the team's vast rebuild this offseason and in the coming years.

Besides, nobody finesses guaranteed cash like Kirk Cousins' agent. When the Minnesota Vikings let him test the market, it didn't take long for the Atlanta Falcons to make him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Cousins signed a four-year, $180 million deal with a $50 million signing bonus and $100 million guaranteed. Considering the former Michigan State star's age and the fact he's also coming off a torn Achilles, this represents a gamble of epic proportions.

The Falcons feel like Cousins is the missing piece of the puzzle in their quest to make a postseason return. Being in an awful division helps, but those in power will be expecting an immediate return on their substantial investment.

As for the Commanders? Signing Marcus Mariota and trading Sam Howell means it's all systems go for a quarterback at No. 2 overall. Which one Peters selects remains to be seen.