4 first-round mistakes that continue to haunt Commanders

Mistakes were made...

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Commanders reached for Dwayne Haskins

Dan Snyder's meddling in football affairs was notorious. He'd often shell out megabucks for veteran free agents who weren't worthy of such a financial commitment. His influence during the draft also brought about complete failings more often than not.

One of the most infamous Snyder fumbles centered on Dwayne Haskins. The Ohio State prospect was a polarizing figure coming out. Some analysts had him as their top quarterback. Others had him off their boards or out of the first round entirely.

Most within the organization felt going down a different route would be beneficial. Snyder had other ideas. He threw his weight around and utilized his absolute power, resulting in Haskins being the pick at No. 7 overall in the 2019 NFL Draft.

It didn't take long to realize this was going to be an unmitigated disaster. Haskins struggled mightily as a rookie. He couldn't generate any positive momentum whatsoever. The Commanders had seen enough by Year 2, releasing the signal-caller with little fanfare attached.

Haskins' tale had a tragic ending when he sadly lost his life aged 24. Things didn't work out in Washington, but he was loved and revered as a teammate. It wasn't his fault this ended up being his destination. That was all on Snyder.

Looking at the players taken after Haskins, they would have helped more. The Commanders also had two first-round picks that year. Something that could have enabled a move up the pecking order for someone like Josh Allen. That would have significantly altered this franchise's course.