4 exciting traits head coach Dan Quinn brings to the Commanders

Dan Quinn's appointment as head coach is good news for the Washington Commanders on four levels, including his vision, personality and creative use of talent.

Dan Quinn
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What exciting traits does Dan Quinn bring to the organization after becoming Washington Commanders head coach?

Perhaps Dan Quinn doesn't rev the engines for most observers because his profile is eerily similar to his predecessor, Ron Rivera. Both arrived at the Washington Commanders with strong track records as defensive coordinators. They also brought experience as a head coach. They've both been on the losing end in a Super Bowl.

So what makes things different with Quinn? Why is he more than a mere consolation prize? Why should Commanders' fans be excited about the former Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator taking the reins?

It starts with these four exciting traits Quinn brings to the franchise.

Dan Quinn brings enthusiasm

Yes, it's time for some ra-ra and copious amounts of high fives. Dan Quinn is no wallflower. He's a coach who wears his heart on his sleeve, for better or worse.

Fist-pumping and intensity don't always equate to wins. They can even be the cover for a lack of schematic nuance and natural composure.

Yet, the Washington Commanders could do with a bit of oomph after the decidedly tepid Ron Rivera era. The latter rarely got to show his enthusiasm because of several damaging factors, all beyond his control. They included dealing with serious health issues early in his tenure, as well as being in charge during the bitter end of Dan Snyder's ownership when so many ugly details came to light.

Rivera also admitted to ESPN's John Keim he routinely faced issues a head coach normally wouldn't deal with:

"It was just stuff that shouldn't have been put on the head coach's plate. But at the time when I was dealing with it, I wasn't necessarily the head coach as much as I was the manager."

Ron Rivera via ESPN

A more stable ownership group fronted by Josh Harris and Magic Johnson will let Quinn focus on coaching. So will the presence of new general manager Adam Peters in the front office.

Quinn's going to have the freedom to infuse his enthusiasm into a rebuilding team desperate for change. The increased positivity should be felt most keenly on one particular side of the ball.