4 emerging alphas on the Washington Commanders in 2023

Kamren Curl
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Sam Howell - Commanders QB

After shining brightly during his only starting appearance in 2022, it was enough for Ron Rivera to potentially bet his head coaching job on Sam Howell providing the Washington Commanders with more stability under center. This is a big ask for the former fifth-round pick given his extremely small sample size, but everyone seems to be of the belief he can thrive with extra responsibilities.

Howell is self-assured and has the intangibles needed to make a success of this opportunity. Having Eric Bieniemy as his play-caller helps enormously, with the Commanders also boasting their fair share of outstanding pass-catchers to further raise optimism around the gifted quarterback.

Much will depend on how the revamped offensive line holds up, which could go either way in all honesty. However, the onus will also be on Howell to come through in clutch situations and hopefully lead the Commanders back to prosperity after years in the proverbial wilderness.

His production throughout offseason workouts has already made believers of established figures such as Terry McLaurin and Jahan Dotson. Howell's gained command of the huddle and is leading by example - which is always half the battle for any young player looking to emerge into potential NFL superstardom.

It's hard to know what Howell's ceiling is. But looking at the Commanders' regular-season schedule to begin the 2023 campaign, it won't take too long to find out for sure.