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Commanders must capitalize on home comforts

The Washington Commanders haven't enjoyed much home-field advantage in recent years. Dan Snyder's incompetent ownership and a decaying stadium unfit for the modern era turned fans away in their droves. Now, there's a chance to change all that.

Josh Harris' ownership group has invested heavily in upgrading the newly-named Commanders Field while plans for a new stadium continue behind the scenes. The billionaire made improving the fan experience one of his top priorities after wrestling the franchise from Snyder, but an improved football product will be the biggest factor above all else behind a return to the fortress of old.

The Commanders have nine home games this season. If they want to stand any chance of making a better go of things under head coach Dan Quinn, they must put them to good use.

  • Week 2: vs. New York Giants
  • Week 5: vs. Cleveland Browns
  • Week 7: vs. Carolina Panthers
  • Week 8: vs. Chicago Bears
  • Week 10: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Week 12: vs. Dallas Cowboys
  • Week 13: vs. Tennessee Titans
  • Week 16: vs. Philadelphia Eagles
  • Week 17: vs. Atlanta Falcons

There are some difficult home games on the slate - not least their three divisional encounters that represent daunting tests. However, if the fans pack the stands and show their unrivaled support for the team through good times and bad, it'll help enormously.

There's a realistic chance they can emerge from their opening five home contests with a 4-1 record. Games against the Titans and Falcons also look winnable if everything clicks into place. If the Commanders could notch six wins from their nine home clashes, it's a best-case scenario in pursuit of brighter fortunes.

The Commanders are an unknown quantity after wholesale changes to the playing personnel this offseason. That might work in their favor to a certain extent, but any on-field growth is likely predicated on the offensive line and quarterback Jayden Daniels.

If these questions have emphatically positive answers, there's just no telling what the Commanders could potentially accomplish.