4 critical observations from Commanders 2024 minicamp Day 3

The third and final day is in the books.
Dan Quinn
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Commanders' veteran coach inspires

The Washington Commanders haven't done much winning over the last two decades. Establishing the correct culture is something Dan Quinn and his staff are looking to accomplish as a matter of urgency heading into the 2024 campaign.

This is about mindset. Too many were going through the motions and accepting failure as commonplace during previous coaching regimes. Quinn molded a staff he trusts with proven credentials to shift the tide. The Commanders also acquired some outstanding veterans from winning organizations to give this ambitious project another boost.

Quinn revealed to the media that linebackers coach Ken Norton spoke passionately in front of the entire roster before Day 3 of Washington's mandatory minicamp. There isn't much the respected figure hasn't seen or done in the game. The message he gave was clear based on the head coach's comments via Fan Nation.

"One thing that was cool today is [Linebackers Coach] Ken Norton visited with the team this morning. And as you guys know, Ken was a part of three Super Bowl teams back to back to back, but what he talked about today wasn't about the Super Bowl teams, it was about the lead up to that and what these 40 days are like in between what you would call the end of the minicamp into what the start of that next is. He talked about that love, that connection, the work. He talked about being some hungry wolves, and knowing that's where you make the difference that you will not let one another down."

Dan Quinn via Fan Nation

Norton is one of the league's most respected position coaches. He's a big reason why Bobby Wagner spurned other advances to join the Commanders. His nard-nosed approach and exceptional motivation techniques are going over exdtremely well. His words before players head off on their short period of rest before training camp should be heeded.

The last thing Quinn needs is for everyone to lose focus after building some encouraging momentum over early workouts. This would jeopardize their chances of potentially emerging into a surprise others don't see coming next time around.