4 critical observations from Commanders 2023 training camp Day 7

Jonathan Allen
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Commanders seeing more from Mason Brooks

While the offensive line starting positions look sown up aside from the aforementioned left guard spot, there is all to play for further down the pecking order. Many candidates are vying for roster spots and key depth roles, so every practice matters to them in pursuit of catching the eye.

One player who seems to be maximizing the opportunity in front of him is Mason Brooks. The versatile lineman was identified as a high-priority undrafted free agent by the Washington Commanders once the selection process concluded, giving the Ole Miss product a decent contract and a legitimate chance to win his spot on the 53-man squad.

Brooks might not be getting much work with the first string as they look to hone chemistry, which is fine. But this was the second-straight practice where the player has completely dominated some high-profile defensive opposition during one-on-one drills.

Stone-walling the likes of Daron Payne and Phiarian Mathis is no mean feat even in this sort of setting. If Brooks continues this trend, then the Commanders will have no option other than to throw him into the deep end at some stage.

Whether this comes at practice or preseason games remains to be seen. But it's been a solid start from Brooks and something that vindicates the front office's judgment regarding the lineman during their pre-draft assessments.