4 critical observations from Commanders 2023 training camp Day 10

The Washington Commanders got back down to business after a valuable day off.

Sam Howell
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What were some critical observations from the Washington Commanders' tenth official training camp practice ahead of the 2023 season?

There aren't many more training camp practices for the Washington Commanders to hone their skills before preseason games arrive. Ron Rivera and his staff will have gained plenty from what they've seen so far, with joint sessions against the Baltimore Ravens also set to play a significant role in evaluations before final cuts.

Sunday's session was closed to fans but saw the Commanders get the pads on following a well-deserved day off. The tempo was high and the energy is where it needs to be, which will stand them in good stead heading into the final few days.

On this topic, here are four critical observations from practice No. 10 from Washington's training camp in Ashburn, Virginia.

Commanders learning lessons

After things threatened to boil over during Friday's session, some harsh words were shared between players and coaches alike. Something that seems to have had the desired effect based on the more controlled nature of this practice according to those in attendance.

The aggression was still there, but it was handled correctly rather than taking cheap shots. The Washington Commanders players on both sides of the football were also respectful to their teammates above all else, which was not the case for some before their day off.

This ability to take on information and learn from mistakes is what this time of year at training camp is for. Ron Rivera cannot afford to oversee a squad lacking discipline next season, especially when one considers how much is at stake for the head coach and many others across the franchise with new ownership watching on intently.