4 critical observations from Commanders 2023 rookie minicamp

Emmanuel Forbes
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Commanders RB Chris Rodriguez Jr. has a presence

This was a draft that focused on the secondary and the trenches on both sides of the football. But there was enough freedom late on for the Washington Commanders to enhance their running back options with Chris Rodriguez Jr.

The sixth-round pick was reportedly high on Washington's draft board. Rodriguez also got a big seal of approval from Eric Bieniemy, who feels like he can mold the player into a productive asset behind Brian Robinson Jr. and Antonio Gibson.

Rodriguez caught the attention of those in attendance at Washington's rookie minicamp. From a size standpoint, the former Kentucky star is a huge presence for the position with enough nimbleness in his footwork during drills to suggest he can carve out a role for himself.

Bieniemy wants to progress Rodriguez into a pass-catching weapon. This might take some time looking at the player's full body of work, but the early impression was a good one.

While reps with the first team might be few and far between this offseason, that shouldn't distract Rodriguez from the goal. If he works hard, listens to Bieniemy's advice at all times, and produces the goods when called upon, the coaching staff will have no choice other than to involve him at some stage in 2023.