4 critical observations from Commanders 2023 OTAs Day 4

Dyami Brown
Dyami Brown / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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Commanders OC Eric Bieniemy's vocal approach

One of the primary differences between the Washington Commanders from this year to last is Eric Bieniemy's influence. The assistant head coach/offensive coordinator has wasted no time in raising standards across the board, with his unrivaled enthusiasm coming across during every drill throughout OTAs so far.

Bieniemy is preaching high tempo above all else. According to Zach Selby from the team's website, he's been quick to let players know when things aren't moving quickly enough for his experienced liking.

"It seems to be a recurring theme, but Eric Bieniemy appearsto be getting more vocal with each practice. Perhaps part of that was because the team planned on ending the day with two-minute drills (more on that later), but he was constantly reminding his players to pick up the pace and get in and out of the huddle with more urgency. "We need to wake up!" he yelled at one point. "We got work to do!""

Zach Selby, Commanders.com

This is something that's having a positive impact on the players. Bieniemy's voice holds a lot of weight and considering how much success he's attained throughout his coaching career, the Commanders are rightfully leaning on him heavily during the OTA period.

Expect Bienemy's presence to grow further when training camp rolls around. And make no mistake, any players not pulling their weight are unlikely to make it through onto the 53-man roster.