4 critical observations from Commanders 2023 OTAs Day 1

Eric Bieniemy
Eric Bieniemy / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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Commanders coaches upped the tempo

There is an added sense of urgency for everyone across the Washington Commanders once the transaction to improve the sale finally becomes a reality. Josh Harris and his large consortium will already be conjuring up ways to take this once proud organization forward, so there is absolutely no margin for error in pursuit of preserving jobs.

According to people in attendance for Tuesday's practice, the upped tempo implemented by the coaching staff was notable. The changing in between drills came rapidly and if Washington's offense was slow out of the huddle, Eric Bieniemy was quick to demand otherwise.

This got a pretty good response from players and the increased standards and sharpness were a welcome change of pace. Hopefully, the shift can reap some significant rewards when it's time to begin their regular season in Week 1 against the Arizona Cardinals.

Some found it more difficult than others. Chris Rodriguez Jr. looked a little sluggish and drew Bieniemy's wrath as a result, so the session was probably a stark wake-up call for the sixth-round pick regarding what it takes to succeed at the next level.

One thing the Commanders don't have is the luxury of passengers next season. If they aren't up to the required standard, then Ron Rivera won't hesitate to go in a different direction.