4 critical observations from Commanders 2023 mandatory minicamp Day 1

Chase Young
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Commanders OC Eric Bieniemy isn't suffering fools glady

One thing stood out above all else throughout early off-season workouts. Something that didn't alter the slightest once the Washington Commanders congregated for their opening mandatory minicamp practice on Tuesday.

Eric Bieniemy is vocal, passionate, and leaves absolutely nothing to chance. He is a perfectionist that sets high standards for himself and his player, which is having a positive impact on the Commanders even so early into their on-field preparations.

Another thing that cannot be disputed about Bieniemy is that he doesn't suffer fools gladly. If the tempo is slower than expected or someone isn't pulling their weight, the assistant head coach/offensive coordinator won't be afraid to let them know when production and effort have slipped.

This was evident after one particular play according to Lynnell Willingham from 106.7 The Fan, who claimed that Bieniemy sent one unnamed player - who was reportedly not a starter - to the sidelines. A tone-setting move that made even the most established figures away that nothing but excellence and maximum effort will be tolerated.

"Eric Beinemy just YANKED someone out of the huddle for not going hard enough. “Get out of the huddle, ain’t wasting no f-----g reps. Eric Beinemy FIRED UP."

Lynnell Willingham via Twitter

This is all about raising standards and shifting the culture. There is no room for complacency given the potential for landmark changes if things don't go well in 2023, so Bieniemy is making sure everyone knows what the benchmark is before business picks up at training camp.