4 critical draft needs the Commanders must resolve in 2024

The needs are becoming clearer...

Adam Peters
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Commanders need a franchise LT

We'll get to the Washington Commanders' most critical need shortly. However, there is also the small matter of finding a franchise left tackle that must enter their thoughts earlier than most other requirements during the 2024 NFL Draft.

The Commanders opted to make Charles Leno Jr. surplus to requirements to save cash on their salary cap. This didn't come as a great surprise - especially considering the veteran was set to undergo hip surgery. Cornelius Lucas came back on a one-year deal, but he's seen as more of a swing tackle option than a dependable starter at this juncture.

Considering how active the Commanders were in fortifying other position groups in free agency, all signs point to those in power going after an edge protector or two when the big selection event arrives. Fortunately for general manager Adam Peters, this is an exceptional group of offensive tackles emerging from the collegiate level this year.

A plethora of athletic specimens have first-round grades and will likely be taken in the top 32 picks. Peters will react to what's going on in front of the Commanders once they get the No. 2 overall selection out of the way. If he feels that trading up to land one of their preferred targets is worth doing, he won't hesitate.

Either way, the Commanders have to emerge from this draft with a Day 1 starter at left tackle. Otherwise, it's not hard to see what complications could emerge.