4 concerning worst-case scenarios for the Commanders in 2024

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Commanders OL remains inconsistent

If there was anything worse than the quarterback play in 2023, it was the offensive line. It was the Washington Commanders' biggest weakness, which is saying a lot given the state of their defense.

There have been changes made. Among them, the Commanders have signed a former Kansas City Chiefs guard looking to become a starter for the first time, a former Dallas Cowboys center who is middle of the pack and will likely be taking a quarterback in the first round instead of going for a supreme blindside protector like Notre Dame's Joe Alt.

The Commanders have Andrew Wylie, who somehow only gave up nine sacks last year, in a position similar to where he was under Ron Rivera. The interior should be solid, but the edge remains a significant concern.

Unless the new regime has further plans, it seems as if they may be putting forth a merely serviceable group this year instead of the one Commanders fans are hoping to see dominate NFC East defensive lines. This could bring complications to their new rookie signal-caller.

If Nick Allegretti fails to cement himself as the team's starting left guard, or if Dan Quinn made a mistake by bringing along Tyler Biadasz, the Commanders could find themselves with a line that will give them no hope of reaching for the division title.