4 concerning worst-case scenarios for the Commanders in 2024

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What concerning worst-case scenarios could befall the Washington Commanders when the 2024 campaign officially begins?

With a new foundation being set in place, the number of moving parts the Washington Commanders have right now is staggering. In an exceptionally short period, they have accrued a new owner, general manager, and head coach - a lot by any metric.

Add a new quarterback to the mix, and it becomes more unlikely that every button being pushed will become a success. There is hope for a brighter future under new front-office leader Adam Peters, but reality has become a constant disappointment for the Commanders' long-suffering fanbase more often than not.

Looking at this hopefully unlikely turn of events, here are four worst-case scenarios for the Commanders in 2024.

Commanders rookie QB struggles

It is common knowledge that the Washington Commanders will select a quarterback with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Despite the clear talent each candidate possesses, all three have very distinct styles. With that, distinct flaws that could manifest quite early.

Drake Maye has been in the 33rd percentile of average time to release the ball since 2017. Sure, he scrambles more than most realize. This has helped him keep that number from causing too much harm, but his 2.84 seconds to throw could become a problem, especially if the offensive line fails to improve.

Many think the Commanders will take Jayden Daniels. His collegiate passing grade is under the 50th percentile of quarterback prospects, and he only has one year of stardom under his belt. However, the Heisman Trophy winner makes up for these weaknesses with a precision deep ball, and a dynamism that no other signal-caller emerging from the college ranks possesses.

J.J. McCarthy had 713 overall collegiate pass attempts. That alone could be a worry as regards experience. He's not considered one of the more accurate quarterbacks in this class, but being in the 99th percentile of catchable pass rate is a statistic that proves this wrong. The question here is if the Commanders believe a game manager can lift this team to the level it hopes to achieve.

Whichever one of the quarterbacks comes in, if they struggle, so will the team. It's the biggest worst-case scenario for the Commanders.