4 Commanders who could get cut without playing a snap in 2024

These players have a lot of hard work ahead of them.
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Sam Hartman - Commanders QB

All the hype has centered on Jayden Daniels, and with good reason. The Washington Commanders are expecting big things from their new franchise quarterback after he became the No. 2 overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft. Tempering expectations immediately would be wise, but this could be the spark that ignites the franchise back to prominence.

The Commanders also picked up another rookie to fill out the depth chart. Looking at the money allocated to Sam Hartman's undrafted free-agent deal, it seems as if Washington sees something in the signal-caller that others didn't during his pre-draft evaluations.

Hartman - aside from his model-like looks that have instantly endeared him to the female section of Washington's fanbase - is a tough evaluation. There were moments in college when he looked like someone who could potentially become an NFL player. However, his transfer from Wake Forest to Notre Dame didn't go according to plan.

Those in power will give Hartman a chance to carve out a role for himself. His arm strength is sufficient and there is nice velocity to his distribution more often than not. This won't be enough unless substantial improvements are made regarding pocket movement and decision-making under pressure.

These two flaws were the primary reason why Hartman didn't hear his name called. Much will depend on how many quarterbacks the Commanders take through onto their 53-man roster, but he's starting from the bottom up and must establish himself fully throughout preparations for the 2024 campaign.

Looking at the current state of affairs, it would be a magnificent achievement from Hartman's perspective if he made the 53. This is a cutthroat business and the Commanders have two other veterans with more experience looking for a spot alongside Daniels and Marcus Mariota. Making every rep count and immersing himself fully into the playbook is critical.

Even if Hartman doesn't make the team, there might be some value to keeping him on the practice squad if another organization doesn't snap him up off the waiver wire.