4 Commanders veterans who could lose their jobs to rookies in 2023

Kendall Fuller
Kendall Fuller / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
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Kendall Fuller - Commanders CB

While there doesn't appear to be any immediate danger to Kendall Fuller's reps given his experience and the urgency for major improvements next season, it'll be interesting to see how this particular dynamic shapes out with the cornerback room as the campaign goes on. The Washington Commanders spent their first two selections during the 2023 NFL raft on defensive backs, which began with their top priority at No. 16 overall.

Based on the footage revealed after the draft, the Commanders had one prospect in mind with their first-round pick. Emmanuel Forbes might be a little slight, but his exceptional athleticism and phenomenal instincts have already left a positive impression as the former Mississippi State standout hones his skills against Washington's outstanding wide receivers.

Fuller has been a starting outside presence to date. That might remain the case in Week 1 against the Arizona Cardinals, but a switch inside might be the best possible solution for all parties.

There's no doubt Fuller is better suited to the outside, but so is Forbes. The potential for improvements from Benjamin St-Juste with no further problems on the injury front cannot be dismissed, either.

It would be a surprise if the Commanders moved off from Fuller before his contract expires in 2024. But with Quan Martin looking to develop into Washington's nickel option, the veteran is definitely on the clock.