4 Commanders with plummeting stock after 2024 offseason workouts

These Commanders players have their work cut out after early offseason workouts.
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Ricky Stromberg - Commanders OL

The Washington Commanders needed to strengthen their offensive line this offseason. This unit once again became a weak link as Ron Rivera's final rolls of the dice didn't pay off accordingly. It was one of the primary catalysts behind his four-year failure and it came as no surprise to see the head coach relieved of his duties.

Adam Peters brought in three new faces to potentially start. Tyler Biadasz and Nick Allegretti should be in the Week 1 lineup. Third-round selection Brandon Coleman also has a shot, but much will depend on his development throughout Washington's training camp and how he fares during preseason games.

The Commanders also signed Michael Deiter to be their backup center and versatile lineman capable of playing several positions. What this means for Ricky Stromberg's future remains to be seen, but the arrivals don't make his task easier by any stretch of the imagination.

Stromberg was a third-round selection in 2023 who was seldom seen as a rookie. The former Arkansas standout played just 26 offensive snaps before going to injured reserve. Those who drafted him are no longer around. Others have been preferred, so it's hard to look at his aspirations with any confidence right now.

Looking at the depth chart currently, it would be a shock if Stromberg didn't make the team. He's young, cheap, and versatile. He might not enter the starting picture in 2024, but earning a backup slot seems well within his capabilities.

The Commanders were probably looking for more entering Year 2 of Stromberg's career. That might have been the case had Rivera got a reprieve. However, a new regime always has different ideas and wants to alter personnel in pursuit of improvements.

All hope is not lost with Stromberg. At the same time, he's in danger of becoming an afterthought unless significant improvements arrive in the not-too-distant future.