4 Commanders players who don’t deserve another season in 2024

It could be time for these Commanders players to depart.
Nick Gates
Nick Gates / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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Nick Gates - Commanders OL

As previously stated, the Washington Commanders offensive line failed to meet even modest expectations in 2023. Fans were deeply concerned about the protection in front of Sam Howell before the campaign. Most felt this critical position group wasn't given nearly enough attention by recently fired head coach Ron Rivera. They were right.

There wasn't much money to go around with Washington's ownership in flux during free agency last spring. Andrew Wylie was the biggest addition. The Commanders also shelled out decent money to Nick Gates, who looked to have the necessary qualities for an upgrade depending on where the coaching staff placed him on the interior.

Gates ended up being the team's starting center. This gamble failed to reap the required rewards. The former Nebraska star looked like he'd never played the position before. He was undersized and treated as a weak link. He was eventually benched in favor of Tyler Larsen.

While Gates' performance levels improved slightly when reinstalled into the lineup, it was nowhere near good enough to warrant another go-around in 2024. Unfortunately for the Commanders, they'll need to eat some significant dead-cap money to part ways with the player ahead of time.

This was a horrible contract to give someone like Gates. He'll either be a highly expensive backup or moved on with big financial ramifications attached.