4 Commanders players whose stock has fallen ahead of 2023 training camp

Jacoby Brissett
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Rachad Wildgoose - Commanders CB

In all honesty, there's been a lot to like about Rachad Wildgoose's production from a limited sample size since joining the Washington Commanders. The cornerback looked like an accomplished slot presence last season and didn't look out of place whatsoever when tasked with more responsibilities than he ever received on the New York Jets.

So why has Wildgoose's stock slid? It doesn't have much to do with his talent, but rather with what the Commanders are currently implementing across their secondary after acquiring Emmanuel Forbes and Quan Martin during the 2023 NFL Draft.

Forbes, Kendall Fuller, and Benjamin St-Juste are expected to end up being the starting cornerback trio. The Commanders are also planning to use Martin as a nickel/slot option, which pushes Wildgoose further down the list of options unless he outperforms the second-round selection.

Couple this with the scope for more three-safety sets thanks to high hopes centered on Percy Butler, and the gauntlet has been laid down to Wildgoose and the likes of Danny Johnson in no uncertain terms. If they don't cut the mustard throughout Wasington's training camp in the weeks ahead, then limited participation when the regular season arrives isn't out of the realms of possibility.

That might sound harsh considering Wildgoose's upturn last season. But there is no room for sentiment considering the amount of Commanders' jobs at stake in 2023.