4 Commanders players on the roster bubble heading into Preseason Week 1

These Commanders players have a lot of hard work ahead during their upcoming preseason games.
Jake Fromm
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Andre Jones Jr. - Commanders DE/OLB

The Washington Commanders' defensive front has been an absolute revelation throughout camp. Their starting four look healthy and ready to wreak untold havoc on the league - something that could propel Jack Del Rio's defense to the league's most dominant next season.

While the starting four or five when Phidarian Mathis comes into the game look cemented, those lower down the pecking order are still fighting with everything they have for prominent positions on the rotation. There's everything to gain heading into the preseason, so a big play or two could swing the pendulum given the fine margins involved.

Andre Jones Jr. rounded off the 2023 NFL Draft for the Commanders and he's flashed during camp. Being a seventh-round selection doesn't guarantee anything, so how the Louisiana product gets on over the preseason could make a huge difference one way or another.

Jones has the physical attributes needed to be an intriguing development project at the very least. There won't be any expectations on the player to gain reps on the rotation immediately - it would be more a case of assisting on special teams before working on problem areas of his game.

The Commanders haven't given up straight away on draft picks - even those lower down the order - under Ron Rivera. But others are champing at the bit to become depth chart edge pieces, so Jones has to produce the goods when called upon.