4 Commanders players who didn't stand a chance in 2023

The Commanders should have done more for these players.

Cole Turner
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Khaleke Hudson - Commanders LB

Much like the situation with Cole Turner, there was hope that Khaleke Hudson could raise his influence and become part of the Washington Commanders' plans this season. The team didn't have much depth to speak of in their linebacker room. This seemed like the perfect chance to give their former fifth-round selection more chances to thrive.

Sadly, that wasn't the case early on. The Michigan product wasn't seen on the defensive rotation until Week 6. This was more bemusing when one considers how the likes of Cody Barton and David Mayo were performing as the Commanders' campaign threatened to spiral out of control.

Hudson remained a core piece of the special teams' strategy, but fans were anticipating more. The Commanders eventually featured him in 35 percent of their defensive snaps, so to attain 74 tackles in such limited involvement was pleasing.

Whether this production warrants another look under the new regime is anyone's guess. Hudson is set to be a free agent this spring. Much will depend on the money involved, but might be worth new general manager Adam Peters keeping him around on a short-term deal and giving the player another shot.

Hudson was always on the back foot under Rivera and Jack Del Rio, who preferred two-linebacker sets more often than not. This played a factor in the Commanders conceding big plays at will and becoming porous against the run. If the casual fan could see that, a shrewd mind such as Peters will too.