4 Commanders players who could be spared after 2024 salary-cap hike

The big rise in available financial resources could be good news for these Commanders players.
Charles Leno Jr.
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Andrew Wylie - Commanders OT

Andrew Wylie came to the Washington Commanders following his starring Super Bowl performance for the Kansas City Chiefs. Those in power felt that instantly reuniting the right tackle with Eric Bieniemy could prove beneficial. There wasn't much money to spend last spring. Considering the contract allocated to the veteran, it's clear he was a high priority.

Wylie looked a little lost for the most part. The edge protector found life difficult to generate any sort of consistent momentum. There were clear confidence issues against speedier pass-rushers. He did flash good moments - especially on running downs - but it was largely underwhelming overall.

What the Commanders do with Wylie moving forward is a hot topic of discussion. His close ally Bienieny is no longer around. That could indicate his time in Washington might be short-lived under a new coaching regime and with plenty of assets at the team's disposal.

Of course, it makes no real financial sense to cut Wylie unless they defer most of the dead money to 2025 with a post-June 1 designation. His $9.41 million alary-cap hit is high, but perhaps there is another way rather than dismissing him after one season.

While Wylie's production on the edge wouldn't be classed as stellar last season, considering a switch to the interior could be just what the player is after at this stage of his career. Otherwise, the Commanders will have a highly expensive backup on their hands.