4 Commanders players who cannot afford to regress in 2023

Curtis Samuel
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Which Washington Commanders players cannot afford to regress during what is going to be a franchise-altering campaign in 2023?

To say things are going to get interesting for the Washington Commanders in 2023 would be an understatement. There are so many dynamics that could emerge once the ownership group led by Josh Harris officially gets their $6.05 billion purchase confirmed, which should happen before the campaign despite some elements surrounding the transaction causing concern.

Everything should hopefully be a formality given the need for Dan Snyder to be removed from the equation quickly. Once approved, the pressure on almost everyone across the organization will be enormous next season.

If Harris and his team of investors aren't convinced with the way things are going, wholesale changes will arrive. This is also going to have a ripple effect on players if they haven't met their end of the bargain.

With this in mind, here are four Commanders players who cannot afford to regress in 2023.

Joey Slye - Commanders K

It's pretty surprising to see the Washington Commanders show complete faith in Joey Slye despite an indifferent campaign for the kicker. The long-term associate of Ron Rivera's has no competition for his spot currently, which is a big call for those in power considering the consistency issues during an up-and-down career to date.

Slye has a huge leg but can be wayward in terms of accuracy. Considering how many Commanders games were decided by fine margins last season, Rivera can ill afford the kicking position becoming a weak link with his job prospects hanging in the balance.