4 Commanders who could be one and done with the team in 2023

Cody Barton
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Eric Bieniemy - Commanders OC

Once Eric Bieniemy had assisted greatly in securing another Super Bowl for the Kansas City Chiefs, there was a growing belief he would take his chances elsewhere if the right opportunity came along. With head coaching interest dwindling despite countless interviews, getting out of Andy Reid's shadow with full offensive control was the one remaining way to convince the higher-ups that he was deserving of a top job.

The Washington Commanders have given Bieniemy everything he needs to leave no doubt about his credentials. There was obviously a hefty pay increase with a newfound job title elsewhere, but this was just a small part of what made this particular switch so enticing.

Bieniemy is molding the playbook and has 100 percent control of the offense. He's also been given leeway to hire and fire offensive staff as he sees fit and has been a leading voice in recruitment throughout free agency and the 2023 NFL Draft process.

One major standout during OTAs is how vocal Bieniemy's been at practice. He has high standards, the tempo has noticeably increased, and if certain players aren't pulling their weight, they'll know about it in no uncertain terms.

Whether the Commanders get the benefit of Bieney's influence for more than one season remains to be seen. If everything goes as or better than expected, then the chances of securing a long-awaited promotion in 2024 increase to a level where it almost becomes a no-brainer.

Also, if results aren't where they need to be and Ron Rivera is fired, then Bieniemy could also follow him out of the door.