4 Commanders offseason departures who should thrive on new teams in 2024

Expect to see these former Commanders players shine in 2024.
Curtis Samuel
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Curtis Samuel - Former Commanders WR

The Washington Commanders opted to hold relatively firm at the wide receiver position despite many failing to meet loftier expectations in 2023. Terry McLaurin was the only wideout to emerge with any semblance of credit once again, which is surprising when one considers how former offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy stubbornly relied on a pass-heavy scheme despite not having the offensive line to implement this strategy effectively.

Although the Commanders kept the status quo, Curtis Samuel wasn't given the extension many were hoping for. The versatile weapon was a solid if not spectacular performer during his free-agent switch from the Carolina Panthers. But with long-time associate Ron Rivera no longer around, the wideout opted to take his chances elsewhere.

It's unknown whether the Commanders made Samuel an offer to stick around. The former second-round pick out of Ohio State signed a three-year, $24 million contract with the Buffalo Bills that also came with $15.02 million guaranteed. Recent events also indicate the dynamic pass-catcher could have a bigger role than initially envisaged.

After becoming weary of Stefon Diggs' petulant antics on social media, the Bills traded their No. 1 pass-catcher to the Houston Texans. Reinforcements will likely arrive from one of the strongest wide receiver draft classes in recent memory. But considering whoever comes into the fold might need time to adjust, Samuel's responsibilities will be a critical part of the equation.

Samuel has the sharp route running and the ability to generate yards after the catch that should make him Josh Allen's best friend in no time. He's also stayed pretty healthy over the last two seasons, so big things are in the player's future if he gets on the same page with his new quarterback quickly.

The Commanders haven't made a concerted effort to replace Samuel as yet. But again, general manager Adam Peters might also be looking toward the college ranks with the rich draft assets at his disposal.