4 Commanders offseason departures who should thrive on new teams in 2024

Expect to see these former Commanders players shine in 2024.
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Kamren Curl - Former Commanders S

Few would argue that Kamren Curl didn't earn the money coming his way this offseason, regardless of where it came from. The productive safety entered the league as a seventh-round afterthought out of Arkansas. He quickly established himself as an integral part of the Washington Commanders' defensive strategy throughout his rookie contract.

Curl's performance levels weren't perfect, but he was one of the few draft picks Ron Rivera got right. That said, general manager Adam Peters has no room for sentiment in his quest to drag the Commanders from obscurity and into contention. Unfortunately for the one-time Arkansas college star, he was another deemed surplus to requirements.

After deciding not to offer Curl an extension, he was free to sign for the Los Angeles Rams in free agency. Considering the financial implications involved - a two-year, $9 million deal with $6 million guaranteed - it's something the Commanders could have easily afforded. Peters didn't think the juice was worth the squeeze.

This should be all the motivation Curl needs to take his game to new heights in the California sunshine. He instantly moved into the starting lineup after Jordan Fuller left for the Carolina Panthers. At just 25 years old, the best should be to come.

Whether this is something the Commanders end up regretting is up for debate. Those in power feel like Jeremy Chinn's athleticism as the team's box safety/linebacker hybrid could be more useful within Dan Quinn's defensive scheme. However, some deficiencies in coverage cannot be ignored.

For better or worse, the Commanders let Curl walk in favor of Chinn. This was a big call to make, but one Washington believes can upgrade a safety unit that is also welcoming back Darrick Forrest from injury.

Curl is a good player who can excel on the fast track SoFi Stadium provides. Whether this trumps Chinn's production is another matter.