4 Commanders leading a positive culture shift in 2023

Jonathan Allen
Jonathan Allen / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Jonathan Allen - Commanders DT

There's been plenty of personnel changes on the playing side since Ron Rivera became head coach. This has made defensive tackle Jonathan Allen one of the team's senior figures entering Year 7 of his professional career.

Allen is among the league's best interior defensive linemen and has been for some time. He is a brute force against the run, proving difficult to move off the block and penetrating gaps with seamless timing to hit the contact point quickly.

This is matched by explosiveness and exceptional hand placement in pass-rushing situations. Allen obviously has the benefit of first-round picks everywhere you look around him on the defensive front, but the Washington Commanders wouldn't swap the former Alabama standout for anyone else.

The No. 17 overall selection in the 2017 NFL Draft is taking his responsibilities seriously this offseason. Allen knows landmark changes could be on the horizon if things don't go well for the Commanders, so keeping everyone focused on football and not their own personal futures is the only way objectives can be met.

As a team captain, that's the least he can do. It's also worth remembering that there is no guaranteed money on Allen's deal after this season, even if contemplating a future without him is absolutely asinine.

Allen will help with the culture shift, but he cannot do it alone. If the Commanders want to surprise people in 2023, then it must be a collective effort from top to bottom across the franchise.