4 Commanders leading a positive culture shift in 2023

Jonathan Allen
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Eric Bieniemy - Commanders OC

When the Washington Commanders hired Eric Bieniemy to become their assistant head coach/offensive coordinator, it was seen as a new relationship that could be mutually beneficial. If everything works out, the NFC East outfit will have a much better campaign and it would also be the final destination before the coach finally got a top job.

Bieniemy's been given some important responsibilities by the Commanders this offseason. He's running every aspect of the offense, which also included molding the staff and lending his experienced voice to recruitment for good measure.

One thing that was evident throughout early off-season workouts centered on Bieniemy's enthusiasm, passion, and high standards. He was keen to keep the tempo running and when certain players weren't pulling their weight, the coach had no trouble hooking them from the lineup or giving them a piece of his mind.

To say this is a stark contrast to how previous offensive coordinator Scott Turner went about his business would be an understatement. Bieniemy has bet his future promotion prospects on moving to the Commanders, so he wants everyone on the same page and working in unison to reach their respective goals.

Expect this to ramp up even further when the time for training camp in Ashburn rolls around. Bieniemy's been the undisputed tone-setter almost from the moment he walked into the building, which is having a positive impact on the players ahead of a crucial campaign.