4 Commanders on the hot seat entering the 2024 NFL Draft

Emmanuel Forbes
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Adam Peters - Commanders GM

Adam Peters left a tremendous first impression over his opening few months as Washington Commanders' general manager. However, one cannot put into words how much pressure is on the front-office leader to come out of the 2024 NFL Draft with flying colors.

Peters knows the size of this particular task. He's spoken about the responsibility that comes with having the No. 2 overall selection and the need to knock this pick out of the proverbial ballpark. The Commanders also have five other choices in the top 100 - something that could enhance the team's rebuild considerably if everything goes according to plan.

Although Peters' new era is in its infancy, this draft could be his defining moment above all else. Finding the correct signal-caller is the biggest remaining obstacle to overcome. If he gets it right the first time, then the Commanders will be back in the playoff picture sooner rather than after.

If Peters and his staff make the wrong selection following months of comprehensive assessments, it'll be a significant dent in his plans. One that will have the franchise playing catch up and potentially searching for another long-term solution at football's most important position.

That's how high the stakes are for Peters. Fortunately, he's a respected talent evaluator who's held in the highest regard among league circles. This provides a level of confidence from a fan perspective that the Commanders finally have the infrastructure in place to build better foundations for future prosperity.

The Commanders identified Peters as their top general manager target for a reason. He's driven, has plenty of experience with prolific franchises, and goes about his business with ruthless conviction. He's approachable, but when the time comes to make tough calls, he won't hesitate to pull the trigger if he feels like it can help.

Once Caleb Williams goes to the Chicago Bears at No. 1, all eyes are on Peters. But there's nothing to suggest he cannot handle the glaring spotlight with supreme confidence.