4 Commanders who'll benefit most from Adam Peters' roster overhaul

These players should be happy...

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Which Washington Commanders players stand to benefit most from general manager Adam Peters' ongoing roster overhaul in 2024?

Adam Peters hasn't come up for air during a frantic first offseason as general manager. The Washington Commanders needed to make huge alterations after their fourth straight losing campaign under Ron Rivera. These proposals have been implemented with ruthless efficiency up to now.

Peters was well groomed in how best to operate a successful football operation. He's been around Super Bowl winners and leading contenders for the vast majority of his NFL life. Now, he's got the keys to the kingdom in DC and is leaning heavily on this previous knowledge to hit the ground running.

Much more is ahead with such a rich bounty of draft assets, including the No. 2 overall selection to find a new franchise quarterback. Peters has a master plan in place and no leaks are emanating from the Commanders anymore. This is new and refreshing in equal measure. Hopefully, it can represent the dawning of a new era.

With that being said, here are four Commanders players who stand to benefit most from Peters' early roster overhaul in 2024.

Darrick Forrest - Commanders S

The Washington Commanders didn't offer Kamren Curl an extension after signing Jeremy Chinn in free agency. That's the only change in the safety options heading into the draft, which could be great news for Darrick Forrest as he looks to become the team's backend alpha in 2024.

Forrest's promising career start was derailed last season by injury. He featured in just five games, which was a body blow considering Percy Butler didn't show enough deputizing for the former fifth-round pick out of Cincinnati.

With Chinn expected to be deployed in a box safety role, this allows Forrest the freedom to operate as the secondary's anchor - a role he's best suited for. The presence of Dan Quinn as ahead coach within a more dynamic defensive scheme only provides more reasons to be optimistic.