4 Commanders on their way to being cut barring a late-season turnaround

Things are hanging in the balance for these Commanders players.
Charles Leno Jr.
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Logan Thomas - Commanders TE

In fairness to Logan Thomas, he's stayed relatively healthy this season. The veteran tight end remains a dependable presence in the passing game. He's become a trusted ally of quarterback Sam Howell en route to 46 receptions for 431 receiving yards and three touchdowns from 66 targets.

This decent production isn't going to guarantee Thomas is still on the roster in 2024. The Washington Commanders will be welcoming a new set of ideas into their thought process. If they decide the former quarterback's $8.67 million cap hit is above his influence, then letting him go with a saving of $5.17 million attached is an option to consider.

Thomas' future might be a done deal to some. That might not be the case when a different set of eyes give their assessment based on the film. They could have a completely different view of the player from those on their way out of the door.

Removing Thomas from the equation is another veteran leadership hole to fill. It's also worth noting that John Bates, Cole Turner, and Curtis Hodges have failed to impose themselves in terms of targets. If the Commanders cannot find the right reinforcements via free agency or the draft, the Virginia Tech product might get a reprieve.

However, that does seem unlikely as the Commanders embark on an exciting new era. In this scenario, Thomas should generate interest if he stays injury-free.