4 bombshell NFL Draft trade offers to get Commanders back into Round 1

Could the Commanders go bold during the 2024 NFL Draft?
Adam Peters
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Commanders trade offer No. 3


Much will depend on when the run on offensive tackles begins. It'll happen at some stage, so Adam Peters must strike quickly when his instincts tell him that several prospects of interest are about to go elsewhere.

Somewhere in the late teens or early 20s could be the sweet spot. It might happen sooner, but with the early projected run on quarterbacks and the quality of elite-level wide receivers, there is just no telling for sure. The Washington Commanders cannot be left on the back foot, so fans can expect a little extra drama if Peters feels like it's the best thing for the franchise.

There is a level of confidence that Peters is the right man to navigate this process successfully. He's got proven credentials working in front offices around the league with plenty of success attached. Couple this with the strong impression he's made since joining the Commanders, and it's not hard to see why optimism is so high.

If things take a little longer to develop, then perhaps the Miami Dolphins would be receptive to moving down a few spots so the Commanders can jump to land an offensive tackle high on their board. They hold the No. 21 overall pick, which is worth 1,457 points according to the draft value chart.

Washington could offer the No. 36 overall selection (1,184 points), the No. 152 selection (454 points), and their third-rounder in 2025 to get this sort of deal over the line. This is a little steeper than Peters probably would like, but the Dolphins could be reluctant to move down - especially if one of the top defensive linemen or interior offensive linemen is there for the taking.

The Commanders would also get the No. 184 overall selection (357 points) as part of the deal. Whether Peters would consider this to be a viable option in pursuit of landing one of the top-tier left tackle prospects remains to be seen, but it cannot be completely ruled out looking at the capital at his disposal.