4 bombshell NFL Draft trade offers to get Commanders back into Round 1

Could the Commanders go bold during the 2024 NFL Draft?
Adam Peters
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Commanders trade offer No. 2


The Washington Commanders could decide to take their chances at No. 36 overall in their quest to find a franchise left tackle. It's also worth remembering they could also have a potential need on the right-hand side, although this is considered less urgent when one considers the presence of Andrew Wylie. His first season was indifferent, but the coaching staff might give him another shot with better options around him on the offensive line.

On the blindside, it's a different story. Charles Leno Jr. was released and the Commanders did nothing to fortify the position in free agency aside from re-signing swing option Cornelius Lucas. Adam Peters has also commented on how good and deep this draft class is for edge protectors. Taking more than one is a definite possibility.

If premier offensive tackle prospects begin to fly off the board, it could force Peters into drastic action. But if this lands the Commanders a cornerstone piece at the left tackle position for the next decade, nobody will be moaning too much about the compensation.

In this scenario, the Jacksonville Jaguars are the primary trade partner. They have the No. 17 overall selection, which is worth 1,564 points according to the value chart. If the Commanders want to part ways with No. 40 overall (1,131 points) and the No. 152 selection (454 points), this adds up based on the Fitzgerald-Spielberger projections.

Of course, this is also a supply and demand situation. If the Commanders have a sense of urgency, the Jaguars could be in a position to bargain a little more, especially if Washington is high on a particular prospect and boasts a level of concern that someone could jump the queue.

It's a fascinating scenario - one the Commanders must handle carefully. Staying calm and avoiding any semblance of panic amid the chaos is the only way Peters is going to come out of this smelling of roses. At the same time, he cannot sit on his hands and wait for things to fall into his lap.