4 bold trades the Commanders should consider to speed up 2024 rebuild

Tee Higgins
Tee Higgins / Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY
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Commanders could trade for Tee Higgins

The Washington Commanders have done little to bolster their wide receiver room so far this offseason. Jamison Crowder re-signed, but it's been all quiet besides that. Options are diminishing on the free-agent market, which could indicate general manager Adam Peters is looking towards an exceptionally deep 2024 NFL Draft class for help.

There's also one potential trade candidate worthy of consideration. After the Cincinnati Bengals slapped the franchise tag on Tee Higgins, he swiftly requested a trade. It seems unlikely he'll get the long-term financial security he's seeking with Ja'Marr Chase looking for major money in 2025. The former Clemson star is a legitimate No. 1 receiving threat and wants to be paid accordingly.

The Bengals aren't exactly known for bowing to trade demands from their players. It would need to be a decent offer to even contemplate parting ways with Higgins, especially considering Tyler Boyd is a free agent and might not return.

Washington has the draft capital needed to pull off this sort of deal should they wish. Those in power also have the financial means to offer Higgins the sort of money he's looking for. This could be a win-win for all parties involved.

This move would mean the Commanders would have a substantial amount tied up in Higgins and Terry McLaurin, which might be off-putting to Peters as part of his grand plans for progression. But putting the two veteran wideouts together comes with mouth-watering potential attached.