4 big problems the Commanders must fix entering Week 5 vs. Bears

The Commanders have some issues heading into Thursday Night Football...

Jack Del Rio
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Commanders pass-rush invention

The Washington Commanders have some elite-level talent on the defensive front. Four first-round selections occupy starting positions and considering the way Chase Young's begun the campaign, there are no weak links whatsoever.

However, rushing four men constantly is a recipe for disaster. How the Commanders generate pressure is becoming all too predictable. Opposing protection schemes are sticking tight ends to assist on the edge and making things more difficult, with very few stunts or shifts being used to generate momentum through four weeks.

It cannot be that difficult to find alternative ways to get after the quarterback. Bringing Jamin Davis more frequently is a good place to start, with the former Kentucky star boasting the frame and explosiveness well suited to bring the heat from Washington's defensive second-level.

Perhaps a corner or safety blitz once in a while? It wouldn't hurt especially considering the physicality and aggressiveness in which Kamren Curl and Darrick Forrest go about their business.

The Chicago Bears have a porous offensive line. They are giving up 4.3 sacks per game on average, so this represents an outstanding opportunity for the Commanders to cause havoc in a disciplined manner given the need to keep Justin Fields contained in the pocket.

Is Jack Del Rio capable of making such progressive changes to the pass-rushing scheme? Time will tell on that front.

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