4 big problems the Commanders must fix heading into Week 3 vs. Bills

It hasn't all been perfect for the Commanders so far.

Ron Rivera
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Commanders special teams hiccups

Judging by how the first two games have unfolded, it seems as if the Washington Commanders will be involved in a lot of contests that could be decided by fine margins in 2023. Therefore, all three phases of play must be right at peak performance in order to attain a successful campaign.

One area of concern that won't come as a great shock centers on special teams. Camaron Cheeseman's technical alterations to his long-snapping haven't worked and even though the Commanders brought in some potential replacements this week, it appears as if the former sixth-round selection is getting one more chance to prove this was just a blip and nothing more concerning.

Cheeseman needs to get out of his own head and return to what worked previously. He's becoming a weak link and this is also not doing suspect kicker Joey Slye's inconsistencies any good whatsoever.

Slye's miss at the Denver Broncos was in direct correlation to Cheeseman's bad snap. His field goal percentage is already down to 66.7 percent through Week 2, which is a small sample size but could cost the team a game or two if something doesn't improve.

The Commanders have nothing to worry about where Tress Way is concerned. But as for other areas of special teams, this looks especially precarious.