4 big problems the Commanders must fix heading into Week 4 at Eagles

The Commanders have much work ahead after their Week 3 thrashing.

Jack Del Rio and Ron Rivera
Jack Del Rio and Ron Rivera / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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What big problems do the Washington Commanders need to fix heading into their Week 4 divisional showdown at the Philadelphia Eagles?

One of the best things about the NFL is that after every poor performance, there's a rapid chance to put things right more often than not. The Washington Commanders are in this boat after suffering an embarrassing loss against the Buffalo Bills, which brought them back down to earth after a decent start to their regular season commitments.

Some harsh lessons were taken on board in no uncertain terms. The Bills exploited almost every weakness that showed up on film, which will be a similar method other teams will now deploy in pursuit of achieving similar success.

There is no time for the Commanders to stew in their misery. Especially considering the next challenge is a tough-looking test at the Philadelphia Eagles, a divisional opponent who looks primed for another deep postseason run following an impressive 3-0 opening.

With this in mind, here are four big problems the Commanders must fix heading into Week 4.

Commanders' communication in Cover 2

Jack Del Rio likes to implement a lot of Cover 2 zone coverage within his defensive scheme. That's all well and good, but if pressure doesn't consistently arrive from the defensive front, it exposes a lack of positional nuance and communication across the secondary.

This is something the Buffalo Bills picked apart at will. Quality pass-catchers like Gabe Davis and Stefon Diggs found the soft holes constantly and thanks to a number of blown assignments, significant yards were generated as a result.

The Washington Commanders' defensive front isn't going to get overawed like this collectively much. However, things have to improve in terms of pass defense when Del Rio implements Cover 2 moving forward.

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