3 winners (and 2 losers) from Commanders 2024 offseason overhaul

Jahan Dotson
Jahan Dotson / Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports
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Winner No. 3

Benjamin St-Juste - Commanders CB

Giving up chunk plays in the passing game was an ongoing frustration for the Washington Commanders last season. Ron Rivera and Jack Del Rio couldn't resolve this complex issue and paid with their jobs. Hopefully, having shrewd defensive minds such as Dan Quinn and Joe Whitt Jr. leading the charge can improve matters.

Quinn and Whitt are renowned developers on defensive backs, so hopes are high they can work their magic and get more out of the cornerback unit. Drafting Mike Sainristil and signing Michael Davis should help, but it's a case of wait-and-see based on how things unfolded during the previous campaign.

The moves made throughout the offseason mean Benjamin St-Juste has a significant opportunity awaiting him in 2024. His production was sketchy last season. While he broke up plenty of passes, he also gave up 739 receiving yards along the way.

That said, with Kendall Fuller departing for the Miami Dolphins in free agency, St-Juste becomes their No. 1 outside coverage option. This is a risk, but one those in power believe is worth taking thanks to his size and ability to make things difficult in press situations.

Unless Emmanuel Forbes makes the necessary improvements during the summer, the onus is on St-Juste to become a prolific presence at the cornerback spot. Quinn and Whitt will put him in better positions to thrive, but this could go either way in all honesty.

Much like the situation with Darrick Forrest, there is some added financial motivation for St-Juste. He's also entering the final year of his rookie contract and counts $3.38 million against Washington's salary cap. If he wants a bigger, longer-term commitment from the Commanders, performance levels must improve accordingly.

Washington's offseason overhaul didn't include someone who could potentially replace St-Juste unless Davis far outperforms expectations. The former Minnesota star must not waste this chance to firmly establish himself in 2024.