3 winners (and 2 losers) from the Commanders 2024 NFL Draft

There were winners and losers from the draft.
Terry McLaurin
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Winner No. 3

Adam Peters - Commanders GM

The Washington Commanders held a general manager search once Ron Rivera was fired. However, this seemed merely a formality en route to Adam Peters getting the job.

Peters has been regarded as one of the top candidates for several years now. He's an exceptional talent evaluator with experience within front offices of winning franchises. His work alongside John Lynch with the San Francisco 49ers left no doubt that he was ready for a well-deserved promotion.

The Commanders expected a lot from Peters and he's duly delivered so far. He's left a strong impression, completely changing the ethos and professionalism in the football operation. No sentiment is attached to the team's roster construction - every move is done with purpose and the long-term in mind.

This raised expectations further ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft, where Peters had six selections in the top 100 and nine in total. If anyone had any remaining doubts about whether or not he was the right man for the job, they've been alleviated once and for all.

Peters drafted based on his board and stayed consistent. He struck with conviction when opportunities presented themselves, even accepting a trade with one of Washington's division rivals because he thought it was the correct call. The Commanders look to be in a much better place following the selection process, although nothing has been determined for definite until we see them on the field.

The articulation in which Peters spoke about his picks brought clarity behind the team's reasoning with every selection, especially when it came to Jayden Daniels. This was another significant step in the right direction for Peters, but he'll know better than anyone that the hard work is just getting started.

These are exciting times for everyone associated with the Commanders. If the same trend continues under Peters in the coming years, it won't be much longer before this storied franchise returns to its rightful place among the NFL's elite.