3 ways the Washington Commanders won during the 2023 offseason

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How did the Washington Commanders pick up some wins during what proved to be yet another eventful offseason in 2023?

Nobody expected a dull offseason where the Washington Commanders were concerned in 2023. Drama and speculation seem to continuously envelop the franchise no matter the time of year, which is a distraction head coach Ron Rivera doesn't exactly need heading into a crucial Year 4 of his tenure.

The past three years seem to have gone in the blink of an eye. Rivera's worked tirelessly to change the culture in terms of roster building, recruitment methods, and planning for the future, but whether he'll get the chance to see through his grand plan is the big question that nobody knows the answer to currently.

Nothing much was expected in terms of big splashes throughout the spring. The Commanders were restricted both financially and in terms of putting up any future escrow, but Rivera and his staff did a nice job of ensuring Washington is in a stronger position now than when the 2022 campaign concluded.

With this in mind, here are three ways the Commanders won during the offseason.

Commanders acquired Eric Bieniemy

After another lackluster campaign of production on offense for the Washington Commanders, a drastic move was needed. Scott Turner was shown the door - which didn't exactly bring many tears among the fanbase - but convincing Eric Bieniemy to leave the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs was an absolute masterstroke from head coach Ron Rivera.

Many believe Bieniemy should already be a head coach. The promise of a new job title, full control of an offensive scheme, the ability to pick his own staff, and a leading voice in personnel was enough for the respected figure to join the Commanders - a significant coup whichever way one looks at it.

Bieniemy has been at the forefront throughout early workouts as he looks to raise standards and bring a winning mindset. His responsibilities are in keeping with those occupying top jobs around the league and if this gamble pays off, then it could be the final deciding factor in another team finally taking the plunge.