3 ways the NFL screwed Commanders with the 2024 schedule

The Commanders need to navigate the 2024 season successfully.
Dan Quinn
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Commanders got another late bye week

While fans plan trips by looking at the schedule, one of the first ports of call for players is circling when they'll get an extended rest period during their bye week. Unfortunately for the Washington Commanders, this will again come extremely late in the campaign.

The Commanders are slated to have their bye in Week 14. To say this is less than ideal would be an understatement when one considers the grueling punishment players will get for 13 weeks on the bounce before getting some time away from the facility.

This is something the Commanders have experienced over the last couple of years, so those who've been around previously should know the demands and hope to cope effectively. Dan Quinn and his staff must also consider this as part of their weekly planning - especially over the second half of 2024 - to avoid any unnecessary problems and ensure that everyone remains at their peak.

It's another challenge Quinn and his players must overcome. In an ideal world, having the bye a few weeks earlier would have been preferred. But they'll have to make the best of the situation and hope that it doesn't have any significant impact on their chances of potentially becoming one of the league's surprise packages in 2024.

The Commanders have enough experienced figures within the building to cope with such a late bye week. They've been in the NFL for some time and know how to take care of their bodies. Perhaps more importantly, they can also steer Washington's rookies on the right path during the first campaign in a professional environment.

Couple this with the investment in facilities and the team's outstanding medical staff, complications should be kept to a minimum. It's also worth remembering that the Commanders should be relatively fresh over their final four games as they look to finish Quinn's first season as head coach on a high.