3 veteran free-agent offensive tackles the Commanders should consider in 2023

Brandon Shell
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Commanders should consider Eric Fisher

Eric Fisher, in his prime, was significantly better than anyone else on this list. And he is just 32 years old. When Jason Peters was the same age, he was still in the middle of his consecutive Pro Bowl run. When former Washington Comanders stud Trent Williams was 32, he was a first-team All-Pro.

If Fisher doesn’t tear his Achilles during the AFC Championship Game, there’s a decent chance Patrick Mahomes figures out a way to beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl two weeks later. As it turned out, the lineman was finished in Kansas City.

He played for the Indianapolis Colts in 2021, but Fisher was only average. He then was out of football until the Miami Dolphins lured him midway through last season. And he got hurt again.

So can Fisher still play? Is this a faded star who will never get anywhere near his best days? Or is it possible that his year in Indianapolis was the natural result of recovery from an Achilles injury and the Miami campaign was the result of too much rust?

Is it possible that, if given proper recovery and then proper conditioning, there is still an above-average left tackle sitting around waiting for the right call?

And is it possible that his former offensive coordinator in Kansas City, Eric Bienemy, is the one to make that call?

I honestly have no clue whether Fisher can still play, or if he even wants to. But he was a great player. And if he can still come in and play at 80 percent of his peak, the Commanders want him on their team for a few years as they look to groom a long-term solution.