3 tough cuts the Commanders could make after 2023 preseason finale

It could be hard for the Commanders to part ways with these players.

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Which Washington Commanders players could be tough cuts depending on what happens during their preseason final versus the Cincinnati Bengals?

The Washington Commanders aren't expected to play their projected starters in Preseason Week 3. They got a good amount of reps on Monday Night Football against the Baltimore Ravens, so shutting them down to minimize the risk of injury represents a sensible course of action with the regular season on the horizon.

Saturday's game is the final opportunity for those further down the pecking order to shine. Ron Rivera stated that some opportunities remain to secure roster spots depending on what transpires at FedEx Field, with difficult decisions awaiting Washington's coaching staff before the dreaded final cuts are due.

Some are in a precarious position. Others have almost no shot. And there are individuals that hold some sentimental value to those in power with their fortunes hanging in the balance.

With this in mind, here are three tough cuts the Commanders could make after their last warmup contest.

Tyler Larsen - Commanders OL

Tyler Larsen would be seen as a roster bubble candidate considering the options across the Washington Commanders' offensive line. However, he will be a tough cut considering his close association with head coach Ron Rivera.

Larsen is a trusted associate of Rivera's from their time together on the Carolina Panthers. He was pretty solid all things considered last season despite some injury troubles, but the additions of Ricky Stromberg and Braeden Daniels via the 2023 NFL Draft leave his fortunes hanging by a thread.

Rivera is experienced enough to keep this professional, especially considering how much is on the line in 2023. Larsen could make the team, but much will depend on how the coaching staff perceives Stromberg's contribution throughout the team's preparations.