3 things to expect from Sam Howell as Commanders QB1 in 2023

Sam Howell
Sam Howell / Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports
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Expect the unexpected from Sam Howell

One of the most intriguing things about Sam Howell is his ability to improvise. This is a player who isn't afraid to try things against the grain, which is down to his natural skill set and ever-increasing confidence after finally getting the keys to the Washington Commanders' kingdom from head coach Ron Rivera.

If certain things don't come off, Howell just goes on to the next play. It's a mindset very few around the league possess and only heightens the sense of anticipation about what the player could bring to football's most pivotal position in 2023 and beyond.

Whether it's the deep shots, making things happen on the move, or even sidearm throws, Howell's creativity is what the Commanders are counting upon to get them out of irrelevancy and into legitimate playoff contention.

Eric Bieniemy is coming from an organization that boasts a quarterback capable of conjuring up magic out of nothing. While asking Howell to be anything like Patrick Mahomes during his first season as a starter, the play-caller would be wise to allow the same level of freedom to flourish.

Howell is thoroughly deserving of the QB1 tag. But the hard work starts now and relying on the exciting elements of his game that got him here in the first place is absolutely essential.

It's a wildcard and a monumental gamble from the coaching staff. However, with great risk comes even greater reward if everything comes together.