3 telling Adam Peters quotes that should have every Commanders fan excited

The new general manager had a lot to say during his first presser.

Adam Peters
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Commanders coaching search

Now that the Washington Commanders have the general manager in place, their full focus can be directed toward finding the best head coaching candidate to take the organization forward. Some interviews have already taken place. Some are scheduled virtually over the next few days. Adam Peters will have his hand in everything as the new leader of the team's football operations.

It'll be a collaborative effort between the general manager and ownership to secure their preferred target. Speculation continues to rise about Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson being a frontrunner. However, nothing is set in stone as yet heading into the play-caller's virtual interview on Friday.

When asked about whether the Commanders will be looking for someone with an offensive or defensive background, Peters was more intent on finding the right leader for this franchise based on comments via JP Finlay from NBC Washington.

"We're looking for the best leader for this team. We have set criteria that we're aligned in that vision. It's not going to be in a box, it's not going to be offense, it's not going to be defense, it's going to be the best leader."

Adam Peters via X/Twitter

This should be music to the ears of fans. The Commanders are after a culture builder. A leader of men. Someone who can inspire through the good times and the bad. If that turns out to be the latest hot commodity such as Johnson, so be it, but they must also prove capable of more than just Xs and Os.