3 small Commanders' moves that could make a big difference in 2024

These small alterations could make a huge difference.
Adam Peters
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This sense of positivity surrounding the Washington Commanders hasn't been seen for decades. After spending the first few months assessing everything across the franchise, Josh Harris' ownership group was ready to put their ambitious plans into action this offseason. As a result, the organization looks almost unrecognizable from top to bottom.

It's been hard to keep up with the moves made almost from when Washington's 2023 campaign reached a merciful conclusion. There's been a front-office shake-up, coaching changes, and more than half of the roster turned over during the recruitment period. This is just the start of their long-term plans for growth, but the new regime made their intentions clear in no uncertain terms.

Some moves have been more high-profile than others. But for this project to go as those in power anticipate, everything needs to come together effectively. After that, progress should take care of itself providing no complacency sets in.

With this in mind, here are three small offseason moves that could make a big difference for the Commanders in 2024.

Commanders hired Anthony Lynn

Dan Quinn put his outstanding contacts around the league to good use upon becoming Washington Commanders head coach. He formed an accomplished staff team capable of implementing his ethos across their rejuvenated roster. It's got the right blend of youth and experience. More importantly, every staff member is on the same page, which wasn't always the case under previous coaches.

The addition of Anthony Lynn could have a significant impact on the Commanders. Washington's rushing attack became overlooked within Eric Bieniemy's scheme. Brian Robinson Jr. spoke about the disconnect between offensive players and staff last season. Thankfully, the former Alabama star has already seen a notable shift.

Lynn will be working closely with Robinson as the team's running backs coach. His presence was also influential in Austin Ekeler's decision to come on board in free agency. This should be a tremendous addition providing there are no complications on the health front.

Being a former head coach, Lynn commands instant respect. He's also got the proven credentials needed to ensure this unit becomes a force. Something that could potentially boost his chances of a promotion in Washington or elsewhere in the coming years.