3 severe overreactions from the Commanders' 2024 offseason

Let's not get too carried away.
Dan Quinn
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Optimism couldn't be much higher for the Washington Commanders after an unbelievable offseason. The franchise was gutted from top to bottom as Josh Harris' ownership group and others in positions of power began to lay more stable foundations. Drastic change was needed and the new regime duly obliged.

Fans are starting to believe again. Some alterations were subtle. Others were astonishing. But it's hard to argue that the Commanders aren't in a much better spot on and off the field heading into Dan Quinn's first season at the helm.

A sleeping giant is starting to awaken. General manager Adam Peters will be the first to admit this is just the opening phase of his grand plans, but the league is already casting some worrying glances in Washington's direction. That's arguably the biggest positive after Dan Snyder's neglect and toxic demeanor turned this once-proud franchise into a laughingstock.

Improvements might be rapid but don't be surprised if things take time. With this in mind, here are three severe overreactions from the Commanders' 2024 offseason.

Commanders QB Jayden Daniels' early outlook

C.J. Stroud changed everything where rookie quarterbacks are concerned moving forward. His record-breaking campaign with the Houston Texans was nothing short of phenomenal. A new benchmark was set for others to potentially emulate. But it's also worth remembering this was an outlier rather than a common occurrence around the league.

Washington Commanders fans should bear that in mind when examining Jayden Daniels' production during his first season in a professional environment. The No. 2 overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft made an impressive transition and seems to have everyone on board. However, those expecting him to replicate what Stroud accomplished in 2023 are asking for trouble.

Daniels is going to be an exceptional player. He'll have moments of outstanding promise next season, but there are also going to be some significant hurdles to overcome along the way.

The Commanders have questions to answer at almost every offensive position group. Unless they're answered convincingly, Daniels is in for a rollercoaster rookie campaign.